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-A Photo-Index was added to the Ships Site


-The Destroyer Files were updated


-MH 60 Knighthawk was added and all ships which carried UH-46, carry the MH 60, now.


-SS-285 Balao class added


-SSN-774 Virginia, SST-1 Mackerell, SS-417 Tench classes were added


-LSD-36 Achorage class was modiefied


-Bass class was changed bis SSK-1 Barracuda class


-Webpage-design was modified


-Albacore class added


-Modified Nimitz class (new weapons & mast) added, CVN-68 & CVN-76


-Links section updated


-List of Museum Ships added


-Lists of the USN Bases locatet in the US and around the world added


-New Background image


-Plainview, Flagstaff and Tucumcari class added


-Shiplists added bis Fletcher, Alaska, Des Moines, Oregon City and Baltimore class


-Evarts, Buckley, Cannon, Edsall, Rudderow and John C. Butler added.


-Vega, Northern Light, Marshfield, Shyles Otis Bland and Lt. James E. Robinson added


-Spruance and Oliver Hazard Perry class updated


-Cyclone, DSRV, HSV-X1, Mercy, Alatna, Maumee and American Explorer added


-Ships Section was redesigned.


-Powhatan, Edenton, Pigeon und Safeguard class added


-Equipment Section is fully available in Englisch


-Ships / Aircraft & Weapons Sections are fully available in Englisch


-Guestbook added


-Links Section Added

01/27/03 is also available in English now! (missing parts will be added soon)

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