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Ships after 1948

Ships pre 1948



DD 710-Gearing

DD 692-Allen M. Sumner

DD 445-Fletcher

DD 421-Benson

DD 409-Sims

DD 381-Somers

DD 380-Gridley

DD 384-Dunlap

DD 364-Mahan

DD 356-Porter

DD 348-Farragut

DD 186-Clemson

DD 79-Wickes

DD 69-Caldwell

DD 63-Sampson


CA 134-Des Moines

CB 1-Alaska

CA 122-Oregon City

CA 68-Baltimore

CL 55-Cleveland

CL 95-Oakland

CL 51-Atlanta

CL 40-Brooklyn

CA 32-New Orleans

CA 33-Portland

CA 26-Northampton

CA 24-Pensacola

CL 4-Omaha


BB 65-Montana

BB 61-Iowa

BB 57-South Dakota II

BB 55-North Carolina

CC 1-Lexington

BB 49-South Dakota I

BB 45-Colorado

BB 43-Tennessee

BB 40-New Mexico

BB 38-Pennsylvania

BB 36-Nevada

BB 34-New York

BB 32-Wyoming

Aircraft Carriers:

CV 41-Midway

CVL 48-Saipan

CVL 22-Indipendence

CV 9-Essex

CV 7-Wasp

CV 5-Yorktown

CV 4-Ranger

CV 2-Lexington

CV 1-Langley

Destroyer Escorts:

DE 339-John C. Butler

DE 224-Rudderow

DE 129-Edsall

DE 99-Cannon

DE 51-Buckley

DE 5-Evarts











SS 417-Tench

SS 285-Balao














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